May 5, 2014

BSc Nursing

BSc Nursing is a 4-year undergraduate degree whose primary point is to serve mankind through clinical treatment alongside the characteristics of love, care, and tolerance. Most of the colleges offer this course for 4 years along with 1 year as a junior staff nurse. The course is based on individuals and society, concentrating on achieving, keeping up, and recouping ideal wellbeing and personal satisfaction.
May 4, 2014

BSc Forensic Science

B.Sc. Forensic Sciences is a 3-year graduate course which involves the application of scientific knowledge to the investigation of crimes. Professionals in this discipline apply their knowledge of science to analyze the evidence found at a crime scene. The basic eligibility for pursuing this course is that the students should have completed their 10+2 with adequate marks from any good school affiliated to a recognized board.
May 2, 2014

Bachelor of Architecture

Bachelor of Architecture is a technical course study which mainly focuses on the development of the skills which are required to become an Architect. Students learn the process of construction of commercial buildings, malls, complexes, highways construction, and civil construction by applying their innovative ideas and analytical skills. It also includes the theory and practice of designing process and drawing techniques.